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Anna McMorrin MP: Renewable Energy Statement

July 31, 2018

As we continue to see the devastating impact of climate change around the world, it is vital that we invest in clean, renewable energy and move away from our reliance on fossil fuels. I am a lifelong campaigner for action on climate change and clean energy, and it is clear that this Conservative Government has consistently failed to act to support the renewables industry. Our energy strategy must have sustainable and clean energy at its heart to protect our planet for future generations.  We must act now to develop a strengthened green economy; supporting UK companies and industry to become world leaders in this sector and investing in new and innovative technology to meet our global obligations on climate change, creating jobs and boosting our economy.

Renewable Energy

Renewables must be central to our future energy policy, including lower cost technologies such as onshore wind, offshore wind, solar and tidal energy.

If this Government was taking its responsibility to tackle Climate Change and reach our carbon reduction targets in the Climate Change Act and Paris Agreement seriously, modern sources of clean energy would be pursued enthusiastically. Instead, this Government has cut subsidies for onshore wind energy and has made it very difficult for energy companies to expand. I have brought up the issue of onshore wind in Parliament many times and outlined the potential for more onshore wind projects to increase the UK’s ability to reach our carbon emission targets.

The Government must also act to ensure that the offshore wind industry continues to grow and guarantee support for the industry beyond 2020. If no action is taken, it could stifle the growth of an industry that has become a world leader. The short-sighted policies of this Tory Government have drastically held back the solar power industry in the UK, with their dramatic cuts to feed-in tariff subsidies halving the number of solar power projects for the second year in a row in 2018.

The appalling decision by the UK Tory Government to cancel the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon is another example of their lack of commitment to renewable energy. This project would have kickstarted a green economy in South Wales and seen the use of new technology that would have made us world leaders in renewable electricity.

This exciting and innovative project had been recommended by the Government’s own review and matched or outperformed new nuclear power on the three value-for-money tests set by the National Audit Office. It is disgraceful that Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns advocated for Tidal Lagoon Power as a renewable source of energy on many occasions, and then failed to back the Swansea Tidal Lagoon.