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Anna McMorrin MP: Chequers Deal and a People’s Vote

October 22, 2018

Brexit is the biggest issue of our generation and the impact will be felt across all of our communities and businesses for many years to come. I am anxious to ensure a strong and secure future for our children, and achieve long-term economic stability and growth. However, it is clear that Theresa May and her divided party cannot deliver a Brexit that works for Cardiff North, Wales and the rest of the UK. The negotiations and subsequent Chequers Deal put forward have been a shambles and her threats to crash out of the EU with a ‘no deal’ are becoming more of a reality.

Labour have been very clear; we will not support a ‘blind Brexit’ – a vague deal that provides no answers about the terms of our future relationship with the EU. There is nothing in the proposals to protect our services industries, our workers’ rights and environmental standards, nor will it prevent a hard border in Northern Ireland. My Labour colleagues and I have been raising these issues consistently over the last 18 months – there is no majority for this approach in Parliament and we will not support it.

If this deal doesn’t provide comprehensive and conclusive answers on our future relations with the EU, then how is it the right deal for the people of Wales and the rest of the UK? How will it secure a thriving future for our young people and help protect and grow the number of well-paid, highly-skilled jobs that we need in Wales? These questions are why it was so important for Parliament to secure a meaningful vote at the end of the negotiation process with the EU.

However, as I have said before; this is not about politicians, it’s about the electorate. Safeguarding our democracy is of the utmost importance and the electorate deserves a fair vote. Even David Davis MP, the former Secretary of State for Exiting the EU said that “if a democracy cannot change its mind, then it ceases to be a democracy”. The initial campaign was not based on fact. We were promised that we wouldn’t be worse off, that our funding would continue and that there would be an additional £350 million for the NHS. It’s clear that these promises will not be kept. If this isn’t the Brexit people voted for, then surely they should be entitled to change their mind? If this is by no means a comprehensive deal, protecting our industries, our economy, local businesses and human rights, then surely we should be entitled to have our say on that deal?

That is why I have been campaigning for A People’s Vote on the final terms of the deal, with an option of retaining our membership with the EU. We have a right to see the final deal and to have our say. I’m not calling for a second referendum, but for a first referendum on the exit deal, as we need to be fully aware of the impact any deal has on us here in Cardiff North, Wales and the rest of the UK.

I will continue to fight for a Brexit deal that will deliver stability for our future generations and to prevent this Tory government from recklessly damaging our economy and our communities.