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Anna McMorrin MP: Cardiff North Brexit Chats

November 7, 2018

Following my recent Cardiff North & Brexit survey, lots of you said that you’d be interested in attending Brexit Chats where you can have your say about the future for your community, Wales and UK.

The results of the survey are online here.

Thank you to all those you have attended my Brexit Chats. We have had some lively and robust discussions on the biggest issue facing us in a generation. At Whitchurch Rugby Club where there were lots of concerns about importing medication is there's a No Deal. An NHS Consultant also said, "If NHS staff don’t have a British passport and experience discrimination or abuse then they will LEAVE, easily finding jobs in other countries. It would be our NHS that would suffer that loss."

At the BrexitChat on at Heath Evangelical Church on Whitchurch Road, we had a lively chat as one resident who voted Leave explained that they want to vote for the people who make their laws here in the UK, and not in EU. That’s democracy to them. In response someone who was a civil servant for 20 years said, “We don’t have to accept EU laws we don’t want and UK Government makes them unwieldy with changes.”

In Rhiwbina, we discussed the possibility of a people's vote following the 700,000 strong #PeoplesVoteMarch in London yesterday. Most people supported one but feel frustrated wondering if the politicians are listening?

At the Pontprennau Brexit Chat there were lots of concern over the blindfold Brexit we seem to moving towards. Worries how families and communities will be impacted, as well as confusion and uncertainty because the Home Office keep changing the goal posts on settled status for EU nationals.

Many raised fears about delays to medicine supplies if No Deal or bad deal, and disastrous impact on industry and farming in Wales.

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