About Anna

Member of the Parliamentary 
Environmental Audit Select Committee chaired by Mary Creagh MP.

I am also a member of the Welsh Affairs Committee.

Vice Chair of Climate Change APPG.

Vice Chair of Post-Brexit Funding for Nations, Regions and Local Areas APPG.

Vice President of the Cardiff and District United Nations Association.

Age Champion MP for Cardiff North.

Trained Dementia Friend.


I hold regular advice surgeries throughout the constituency and at my office in Whitchurch. 

My experienced team are on hand from Monday to Friday and may be able to sort out what you need so please call 02920 624440, or to make an appointment.

Meet Anna McMorrin, your Member of Parliament for Cardiff North

AnnaI was so proud to be elected as the Member of Parliament for Cardiff North on 8th June 2017 with 26,081 votes.  

Following my first year as MP for Cardiff North, please see my Annual Report 2017-18 and how I have represented you here and in Westminster.

I am committed and determined to be a strong voice for my constituents of Cardiff North, in Parliament. To find out more about how I am representing you in the House of Commons, you can signup to my weekly email Parliamentary Newsletter here.

How you feel about living in Cardiff North, what issues concern you and what you'd like me, as your MP to stand up for really matters to me - so I'd love to hear from you.

In the news...

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Press Release: Hundreds rally for Remain in Cardiff North with Anna McMorrin MP

Over 500 people joined Anna McMorrin, the Member of Parliament for Cardiff North, today to send a clear message to Downing Street that their voices will be heard and they want to remain a member of …

Proroguing Parliament: 4 Cardiff MPs Letter to the PM

As the four MPs representing Cardiff, we've replied jointly to Johnson's letter to us after his decision to prorogue Parliament: 

Press Release: Anna McMorrin MP Brings Free Fitness Classes for Nearly 200 Children to Cardiff North

Anna McMorrin MP is helping Cardiff North Gymnastics, a small start-up business, to give children free access to fitness and gymnastics sessions across a variety of ages.   26.5% of children in Wale…

Western Mail Article: Anna McMorrin MP- I will work across House to stop catastrophic No Deal Brexit

As the return of Parliament edges closer, talk amongst MPs about how we stop a catastrophic no deal Brexit has ramped up significantly. No deal is a trojan horse, to be used by Brexiteers in the Tory…

Cardiff Swimming Club

I have received representations from many Cardiff North constituents who have raised concerns regarding the future of Cardiff Swimming Club, following plans by the company that runs the pool they use …

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