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Blog: WASPI Campaign

Awst 15, 2017

The unfair changes to State Pension Law haved affect many women. I remain very concerned by the issue, and on the 5th July attended the Westminster Hall debate on Women Against State Pension Inequality (Waspi). It was one of the largest turnouts ever seen for such a debate with some very passionate contributions. 

It is clear that the Government's decisions on this issue has resulted in vast numbers of retirement plans being shattered with devastating consequences. It is also very clear that the only way we can counteract such decisions is through strong and continual support for the campaign and to continue to hold the Government to account.

I will therefore continue to campaign for this on your behalf until the Government provides a solution for you and the many other women affected. The Government's response so far has simply not been good enough.

With this in mind, I intend to hold a WASPI event to continue to raise awareness of the campaign and to raise further support for it more locally. I would therefore be very grateful if you could sign up to the newsletter (on the right) so that I can contact you at a later date to inform you of the details.

Take care,